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Hi everyone, 

Beckwith Baptist Church is back to having live services, but due to provincial restrictions, we are having to change things up a bit. Please read carefully and generously as we’re trying hard to accommodate, protect, and serve everyone while staying within government regulations and using a healthy dose of common sense. This is, of course, going to be temporary until the next “stage” and then we’ll have to try to figure it all out again. So, here’s what we came up with as far as the ReOpening plan. I‘m afraid it‘s not in any particular order:


Sunday School: We won’t be having Sunday School for a while. Keeping children safe is a big priority for us and we feel that the best way at this point is for them to stay with their families during the service. We hope to start up Sunday School soon though.


Seating & Marked Pews: The maximum occupancy of our sanctuary is 70, therefore 30% is 21 people allowed in at once especially with trying to keep the “family bubbles” properly “socially distanced”. We’ve done some math and tried to take the “family bubbles” and distances into consideration, so when you arrive you’ll see a bunch of cushions and tape on the pews. Please sit on the cushions and avoid the tape. The idea is to let people sit in their usual spots while keeping 6 feet apart. That was a fun discussion… we did our best. 


Attendance: Some people have said they need to stay home, for now, while others are looking forward to coming and even that they want to bring friends. So, if we get more than 21 people who want to come, we have an “Upstairs Overflow” where the service will be shown on video.


Bathrooms: The bathrooms will be open, but we’re encouraging folks not to use them unless it’s urgent. If you do need them, you’ll see some disinfectant wipes and instructions on the wall for what to do. 


Sanitization: We’ve asked the custodian to sanitize the church on Saturdays. That way everything is safe and clean when people come. The “experts” say that the virus dies on a surface without a host after a day, so sanitizing on Saturday and having the week between services should make things pretty safe.  If we end up having to go to two back-to-back services, then we’ll have to figure something out. Maybe a quick Lysol wipe of the pews in between? As I said, there are lots of details to work out. We’re doing our best. Any helpful volunteers would be appreciated. 


Evenings and Events: We’re not going to have any evening services, bible studies, or outside groups using the church. It’s just going to be Sunday mornings for now. 


Entrance & Exit: Signs are posted and the side door (with the ramp) is open.  For now, it is easier to maintain only one entrance.  There is hand sanitizer and masks available at the door when you come in.   We do take names and phone numbers at the door for contact tracing.


Masks: Masks are required inside unless you have a health issue that precludes this.  If you don’t have one, we’ll have one at the door for you. 


Post-Service Chats: We are having visits after service.  Outside when we can, and in the fellowship hall with proper distancing of course.


Tithing: We can’t “pass the plate” right now, so we’re going to encourage people to keep giving electronically. For those who don’t want to do that we’ll have a “Tithe Box” set up. The counters are going to be given sanitizer, gloves, etc. to keep them safe while handling any money, cheques, and envelopes. But giving electronically would be best right now. 



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